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Your home's exterior does double duty. Not only does it protect your home from the elements, but it also is what gives your home its unique look and style. Just like your roof, the exterior features of your home also need a little TLC now and then. Hall Roofing and Construction can help you keep the exterior of your home beautiful. We are a local, family-owned roofing business in Round Rock, and we are proud to offer expert-level exterior services to residential and commercial customers in the Austin area.

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Don’t Neglect the Sides of Your Home

Your roof is not the only part of your home that should be inspected from time to time. Heat, hail, and wind can all harm your home's siding and windows. The elements, especially heat and water, can degrade building materials very quickly. When this happens, you want to repair or replace the damaged parts as soon as possible to ensure that the integrity of your home is not compromised.

Our exterior services include:

  • Gutter repair and installation

  • Exterior painting

  • Window repair and installation

  • Siding repair and installation

  • Inspections

  • Insurance claims

When was the last time you had your home inspected by an exterior service specialist? If it has been a while, or if you see visible damage, call Hall Roofing and Construction to schedule a free inspection. We will look over your entire property and provide you with a clear repair plan and estimate.

When to Call an Exterior Services Expert

While it is tempting to just let exterior problems, like a wonky gutter or dented metal siding, slide, you must consult with an experienced exterior service contractor, like ours, at Hall Roofing and Construction. Even something seemingly small, like faded paint, can be a sign of degraded building materials.

Damaged siding, windows, and other exterior features can make your home or commercial property susceptible to damage. Additionally, if your home’s exterior was damaged in a weather event or fire, you may be able to have your repairs covered by your insurance.

Common exterior repair issues:

  • Improperly installed gutters

  • Missing downspouts

  • Leaking siding and water damage

  • Rust and corrosion of building materials

  • Improperly sealed windows

  • Inadequate insulation

  • Peeling or faded paint

We know our customers are budget conscious, and we will never pressure you to buy products or services you do not need. Our exterior services professionals in Round Rock always provide honest guidance. Hall Roofing and Construction can help you patch up your property and protect it from further damage.

We Take Care of Everything

When you are working on an exterior project, like installing new siding, you need a contractor that knows what they are doing. Often these projects involve moving and replacing windows, dealing with insulation and ventilation issues, and rerouting electricity. It is not uncommon to be working on replacing siding only to discover that your home is water damaged due to an improperly installed roof or a gutter issue. It is best to take care of all of these projects as soon as you are made aware of them.

Hall Roofing and Construction is a Licensed General Contractor. This means that when you are working on a remodeling or new construction project, we can take care of everything. From hiring and managing subcontractors (such as HVAC specialists and electricians) to coordinating and managing your entire construction project, we can do it all.

Upgrade your property’s exterior today. Contact Hall Roofing and Construction at (512) 967-0823.

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